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He Invited All His Friends But Only Three People Come To His Birthday Celebration

Birthday celebration is the best moment to remember especially when the 17th birthday where you started to enter the teens era but unfortunately for this young man named Idal Adhani.

This story was shared on Facebook by Duta Rijal Dzakiy, a friend of Idal. According to him, Idal want to celebrate his 17th birthday.

He invited some of his friends to come and celebrate his birthday. However, as for all of his friends that have been invited, only three of them came to the party.

From the photo that have been shared, Idal prepared various of food for his friends. Moreover, Duta said that at first, he couldn’t come to the celebration because of money but after his parents give him some cash so he went to Idal house.

Duta also shared some of the condition of Idal’s house which became the venue for the celebration. The atmosphere is very quite and the chairs have been arranged.

There was also a cake with candles that have been prepared but it’s look like Idal will have to eat the cake all by himself. His sad story has attract many people attention.

One of the Youtuber, Reza Arap Oktovian came to his house and took some pictures with Idal and psoted it on Youtube. He felt touched when he listen the story directly from Idal.

Source: IDN Times

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